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Dr Disrespect sues Twitch – The Real Reason why Dr DisRespect is suing | Pro Punjab TV

Dr Disrespect says he’s going to Twitch. While his threats might not actually reach court, there’s still some possibility that the Youtube streamer will actually sue Twitch. After all, he has good reason to do so: Dr Disrespect believes that his Twitch ban has caused him a lot of losses. Because of the lost income from streaming and lost networking opportunities stemming from his ban, Dr Disrespect is suing Twitch.

Why is Dr Disrespect suing Twitch?

In one of his recent videos, Dr Disrespect shares the gravity of his ban from Twitch. He says that apart from earning just a quarter of what he used to earn now on Youtube from streaming on Twitch, the bigger effect on him is how it has lost him a lot of networking opportunities. What exacerbated this is how Twitch left it vague as to why he got banned. He claims that because of this, no sponsor or company would like to associate with him. “Everyone: all the big sponsors the partnerships, they have to question: why did you get banned?” And not having an answer to that isn’t exactly helping his prospects.

Why did Twitch ban Dr Disrespect?

So it does boil down as to why Dr Disrespect got banned from Twitch. However, Twitch never made an official statement on why Dr Disrespect got banned from their platform. Dr Disrespect claims that he learned about the true reason why he got banned months ago, and it’s actually the reason why Dr Disrespect is suing Twitch. However, he didn’t elaborate why. Perhaps, if Dr Disrespect does end up bringing the company to court, we’d learn about the real reason why Twitch banned Dr Disrespect. Until then, only Dr Disrespect and Twitch know the actual reason why he got banned from the platform.

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