AnRKey X’s latest DeFi NFT social game | Pro Punjab TV

Battle Wave 2323, a new DeFi NFT social game, has recently launched. Battle Wave 2323 is part of the AnRKey X metaverse of characters and stories. The official press release states that: “Battle Wave 2323 is a gateway for billions of casual gamers to enter the crypto market, become owners in a DeFi-based social gaming […]

Battlefield 2042 will not have a ranked mode at launch | Pro Punjab TV

Battlefield 2042‘s creators don’t have esports aspirations for the game. At least, not right now, and definitely not right at launch. Speaking in an interview with the Battlefield Nation Youtube channel, Senior Design Director Justin Wiebe addressed the esports environment of the game. He was asked about how they will be supporting esports and its ecosystem once Battlefield […]