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When is Halo Infinite coming out? | Pro Punjab TV

After a lackluster reveal during E3 2018, Halo Infinite is back with a vengeance. 343 Industries have been hard at work in tinkering with the game to fit the expectations of its loyal fanbase. And from the newest trailers that Microsoft has shown off during E3 2021, it seems the long wait was worth it.

Halo Infinite Release Date: December 8, 2021

Halo Infinite finally got a release date: December 8, 2021. This has been confirmed during Gamescom 2021, where they also showed off a new trailer. This is just in time for the celebration of the Halo franchise’s 20-year anniversary. Halo Infinite release date still coincides with the Holiday 2021 release window 343 Industries told us initially, albeit a little later than some might have expected. The 343 Industries segment at Gamescom also revealed a themed Xbox Series X controller and a Halo 20th-year anniversary Xbox Series X console, so you can also add that to your cart if you so wish.

Halo Infinite will have a free-to-play multiplayer: Everything you need to know

The Xbox/Bethesda Showcase at E3 2021 was action-packed. One of the best announcements they made is the reveal of Halo Infinite multiplayer. It will be free-to-play, and it’s going to feature a never-expiring Battle Pass. It will launch on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, and PC this year’s holiday season, and will make use of the Xbox Gaming Cloud. That means cross-platform progression, letting you play with a single account across multiple platforms.

Battle Pass – Halo Infinite will feature a Battle Pass that never expires. However, you will have to purchase the game first before you can access this. We’re not sure how much of the game’s cosmetics will be locked behind a paywall yet, but it’s clear that players will have to purchase the Battle Pass. Still, this is better compared to other live service games that require you to purchase a Battle Pass every season. We’re also not yet sure how much this Battle Pass will cost.

WeaponsVehicles, and LUMU – Speaking of cosmetics, we get glimpses of the different weapons, armors, and vehicles in the trailer. 343 Industries stated that these will be the customizable parts that will be monetized in multiplayer mode. We’re not sure what percentage of cosmetics will have to be bought and how many cosmetics can be obtained just from playing the game F2P. Furthermore, the reveal also showed off LUMU, an AI assistant-like companion. Will we be able to customize LUMU? We’re not sure yet, but that seems like an easy target for monetization.

Halo Academy – For new players, there’s an academy mode that will teach you the ropes of Halo Infinite. It uses bots and tutorial sessions to help you ease up in your new environment.

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